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Sky Eats Airplane Lyrics


Sound Of Symmetry EP (2010)
Sky Eats Airplane (2008)
Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day (2006)

EP "Sound Of Symmetry" (2010)

1.  The Contour
2.  Sound Of Symmetry
3.  Motion Sickness

Album "Sky Eats Airplane" (2008)

1.  Introduction (Instrumental)
2.  Long Walks On Short Bridges
3.  Transparent
4.  Numbers
5.  World Between Us
6.  Photographic Memory
7.  In Retrospect
8.  The Artificial
9.  Disconnected
10.  Machines
11.  Alias

Album "Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day" (2006)

1.  By All Means, Captain (Instrumental)
2.  Patterns
3.  Honest Hitchhikers Asking For Cash Handouts
4.  Exit Row
5.  Giants In The Ocean
6.  She Is Just A Glitch
7.  The Opposite Viewed In Real Time
8.  Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day
9.  The Messenger

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