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Skye Sweetnam Lyrics


Sound Soldier (2007)
Noise From The Basement (2004)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Sound Soldier" (2007)

1.  Music Is My Boyfriend
2.  Human
3.  Boyhunter
4.  Ghosts
5.  My Favourite Tune
6.  Scary Love
7.  (Let's Get Movin') Into Action
8.  Cartoon
9.  Make-Out Song
10.  Ultra
11.  Kiss A Girl
12.  Baby Doll Gone Wrong
13.  Girl Like Me (Japan Bonus Track)

Album "Noise From The Basement" (2004)

1.  Number One
2.  Billy S.
3.  Tangled Up In Me
4.  I Don't Really Like You
5.  I Don't Care
6.  Heart Of Glass
7.  Sharada
8.  It Sucks
9.  Fallen Through
10.  Hypocrite
11.  Unpredictable
12.  Shot To Pieces
13.  Smoke And Mirrors
14.  Split Personality (North American Hidden Track)
15.  Sugar Guitar (Japanese Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Cruella De Vil (from "DisneyMania 4")
*   Imaginary Superstar
*   Just The Way I Am ("The Buzz On Maggie" Soundtrack)
*   Note To Self ("The Barbie Diaries" Soundtrack)
*   Part Of Your World (from "Disney Mania 3")
*   Radio Free Roscoe Theme
*   Real Life ("The Barbie Diaries" Soundtrack)
*   This Is Me ("The Barbie Diaries" Soundtrack)
*   Tidal Wave (from "Tangled Up In Me" Single)
*   Too Late (from "Tangled Up In Me" Single)
*   Why Doesn't Santa Like Me? (from "Radio Disney Jingle Jams")

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