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Sparks The Rescue Lyrics

10. 60 Minutes Of Fame

I think, I think, I think
This party isn't where I want it to be
I'll be waiting til you walked up
I've seen, I've seen, I've seen
The type of girl you are
And hundreds before
But sometimes I just can't pass up
I lay it down on the line
For just a moment in time
Are you afraid what you'll find
Oh yea

If I could only have you
For one hour, or two
No strings attached
Are you down tonight?
Let's dim the lights
I'm trading in love for luck
The sad parts I don't give a fuck
If I could only have you for one hour
It's your move

I drink, I drink, I drink
I drive myself until I see two of you
And can't target what I'm after
Can't see, can't speak
Can't think it through
Disconnect from you
One more tequila and lime
Oh, as we lost track of time
Laid my heart down on the line

[Chorus x2]

Lay it down on the line [3x]

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