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Sparks The Rescue Lyrics

1. Saco Boys Have No Class

EP Version

If this is perfect, then lets end this before it starts
we are not pictures, no. and this couldn't last forever.
and over time all the colors fade away, we cut and paste the words
we cannot bear to say.

I've got this new game, where I walk to your house.
and when my legs give, then I'll drag myself down
through these state lines, cause I'm so far now.
this isn't desperate for me.

and tonight I'm miles away from your town
but I'll grow wings and I'll fly down
cause it's me or my face vs. this wind
and I swear to God I'll make you mine again

so lets drop our guns and drop our guards
we'll forget every note that we wrote to the songs.

There is nothing that could fill these holes.
no sex, no drugs, no rock and roll

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