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Sparks The Rescue Lyrics

1. Saturday Skin

Broken bottle eyelids
Your lips is pierced like mine is
I'm touching you while you sleep
Tugging on your heart strings
Not a finer truth that sex brings
Like how your body makes me weep
I'm dancing with your silhouette
And on the walls our shadows met
The taste of ecstasy
It's just you and me

I want you in your Saturday skin
Fucked and twisted up
Like you never had been
Before I introduced you to my world
My girl, I'm sorry
It began, began

Trying on the meaning
Friday nights deceiving
The trouble was a loaded gun
Playing with the idea
Cause in my heart yea it rang so clear
Together in the midnight sun, oh
I fill your heart up with regret
Can't cut the chord there's no reset
The sound of weaponry, in a major key


Don't it seem the end
Always starts the beginning
Yea, we set out as friends
But just kept singing

[Chorus x2]

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