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Sparks The Rescue Lyrics

3. Water Your Heart (Safe, Sound, And Buried)

Left you defenseless
I waited up to steal everything
and I took your thunder
Brought it down on the street
where it could ring
You screamed inside
‘How could you do this’?
You’re not the boy I knew
Something has changed inside you
Something has changed

My worst defenses
ain’t my rockstar walk and my barstool talk
Devised this plan to catch you
Devised this plan but never followed through
You said I never follow through

Listen doll water your heart
and let it grow
(There’s a chance for some rain tonight
We can walk through the cemetery)
Listen doll water your heart
and let it grow
(Pull it out of your chest it’s just right
In the ground it’s safe sound buried)

It seemed vindictive
Your play on words this story hurts
Swear that you’ve changed
I’ll take your two cents for all it’s worth
I used to know your body in the dark
but now I’m tripping over
all the other names you’ve dropped


It’s been a year now
Since you put me in my place
It’s been a year now
And we still can’t find our way
And there’s nothing I could say
To change the way I’ve been
It’s been a year now
and I still can’t get you out of my head

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