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The Spill Canvas Lyrics

*  Homesick

Tech-support infection starting in the month of June 
First my mouth gets sour and then the madness will consume
I'm sick of playing, all these lumps in my dry throat explode
Next time i will cut them out and then the dizzying ooze to flow
Into the streets, we wanted everything bringing civilization to its knees
As i strap the bomb to my body, they tell me that that they'll miss me
And this situation is so goddamn bittersweet.

Gotta get rid of me...

A make-shift remedy serum is injected into my veins
As were counting down the minutes to when my ailment will strike again
But the dynamite is strapped to my chest, and it seems the only answer 
As they push back and forth tenaciousness
Hoping they have found the cure for homesickness like this
And my skin starts turning black, and they all take a few steps back
I give them one last smile, push the detonator and start to laugh

But its really not that bad its just the solution all along
My memories were quarantined so i set them free in this song [x2]

Now we're finally home
It feels good not to be alone
Just remember you must tend to it for it to really grow
Garden of broken friendships
Remind you you've survived
Click your heels three times and pray that you will make it out alive

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