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Spitalfield Lyrics


Better Than Knowing Where You Are (2006)
Stop Doing Bad Things (2005)
Remember Right Now (2003)
Cloak And Dagger Club EP (2002)
Faster Crashes Harder (2001)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Better Than Knowing Where You Are" (2006)

1.  Dare To...
2.  The Only Thing That Matters
3.  On The Floor
4.  Secrets In Mirrors
5.  Better Than Knowing Where You Are
6.  Hold On
7.  Won't Back Down
8.  Curtain Call
9.  Tell Me, Clarice
10.  Lasting First Impression
11.  Novocaine
12.  ...Listen

Album "Stop Doing Bad Things" (2005)

1.  So I Heard You Joined A Convent
2.  Texa$ With A Dollar Sign
3.  Gold Dust Vs. State Of Illinois
4.  What Were You Thinking
5.  Tampa Bum Blues
6.  Restraining Order Blues
7.  The Future Is Now
8.  Van Buren
9.  From The Desk Of B. Larsen
10.  Building A Better City By Design
11.  Simple Minds, Simple Lives

Album "Remember Right Now" (2003)

1.  Those Days You Felt Alive
2.  Kill The Drama
3.  Five Days & Counting
4.  I Loved The Way She Said 'L.A'
5.  Stolen From Some Great Writer
6.  In The Same Lifetime
7.  Am I Ready?
8.  Fairweather Friend
9.  You Can't Stop
10.  Make My heart Attack

EP "Cloak And Dagger Club" (2002)

1.  Are We Still Here
2.  Maybe Someday
3.  I Can't Hear You
4.  Channel Search
5.  Leaving Home

Album "Faster Crashes Harder" (2001)

1.  16:49 Army Time
2.  Off To The Shoulder
3.  Arbor Lane
4.  Wishing Well
5.  Track Five (Instrumental)
6.  Line Jumper
7.  Don't Say I
8.  Plastic Stars (Instrumental)
9.  First On A Long left
10.  Sincerely, Empty
11.  Spiral Staircase

Miscellaneous songs:

*   A Great False Hand (from Split w/ Don't Worry About It)
*   It's Cold Out There (from "A Santa Cause: It's A Punk Rock Christmas 2" Compilation)
*   Look To The Stars
*   The Yearbook Song

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