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Stephen Jerzak Lyrics


Snow Looks Good On You EP (2009)
Smile, Happy Looks Good On You EP (2009)
Peace.Love.Truth. EP (2009)
Miscellaneous songs

EP "Snow Looks Good On You" (2009)

1.  Santa's Sleigh
2.  Snow Angel
3.  All I Want For Christmas

EP "Smile, Happy Looks Good On You" (2009)

1.  King
2.  Party Girl
3.  Lonely Hotel Room
4.  Timebomb Baby

EP "Peace.Love.Truth." (2009)

1.  Small Town Celebrity
2.  Cute
3.  Alone With The Sunrise
4.  Together With The Sundown
5.  An Extra Song For You (Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Call It Love
*   Charades
*   Cupid Called
*   Get A Grip
*   Goodnight, Central Park
*   Hula Dance
*   I'm In Love
*   Jenny, You're A Mystery
*   Love Is Strong
*   Maybe A Melody
*   Pretty Pretty Girl
*   Sunshine
*   Time Square Lovers
*   White Horse
*   You Play My Heart (Like A Ukulele)

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