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Stick To Your Guns Lyrics


Diamond (2012)
The Hope Division (2010)
Comes From The Heart (2008)
For What It's Worth (2007)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Diamond" (2012)

1.  Diamond
2.  Against Them All
3.  Such Pain
4.  The Bond
5.  We Still Believe
6.  Ring Loud (Last Hope)
7.  Empty Heads
8.  Beyond The Sun
9.  Life In A Box
10.  Bringing You Down
11.  D(I am)ond
12.  Build Upon The Sand

Album "The Hope Division" (2010)

1.  Where The Sun Never Sleeps
2.  What Goes Around
3.  Faith In The Untamed
4.  Amber
5.  Wolves At The Door
6.  Some Kind Of Hope
7.  Scarecrow
8.  Erida
9.  Life Through Western Eyes
10.  3/60
11.  No Cover
12.  Sufferer/La Poderosa

Album "Comes From The Heart" (2008)

1.  We're What Seperates The Heart From The Heartless
2.  Impact
3.  Part Of Me
4.  Enough Is Enough
5.  Accessory Children
6.  Interlude
7.  Tonights Entertainment
8.  We Must Look Like Ants From Up There
9.  Driving Force
10.  Looking For The Surface

Album "For What It's Worth" (2007)

1.  For What It's Worth
2.  A Poor Mans Poor Sport (Two Heads Are Better Than One)
3.  Colorblind
4.  Compassion Without Compromise
5.  For The Kids, By The Kids
6.  Badge A Brand
7.  This Is More
8.  Fire With Fire
9.  Our Demise
10.  All Time Low
11.  Fashion Or Fascist
12.  There Is No I In Team
13.  Industry Of Infamy
14.  This Is Where My Heart Lies
15.  Such An Outrage (Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Burning Fight (from Split w/ The Story So Far)

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