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Still Remains Lyrics


Ceasing To Breathe (2013)
The Serpent (2007)
Of Love And Lunacy (2005)
If Love Was Born To Die EP (2004)

Album "Ceasing To Breathe" (2013)

*   Close To The Grave

Album "The Serpent" (2007)

1.  The Serpent (Instrumental)
2.  The Wax Walls Of An Empty Room
3.  Stay Captive
4.  Anemia In Your Sheets
5.  Maria
6.  Dropped From The Cherry Tree
7.  Dancing With The Enemy
8.  The River Song
9.  Sleepless Nights Alone
10.  An Undesired Reunion
11.  Avalanche

Album "Of Love And Lunacy" (2005)

1.  To Live And Die By Fire
2.  The Worst Is Yet To Come
3.  In Place Of Hope
4.  White Walls
5.  Bliss
6.  Cherished
7.  With What You Have (Instrumental)
8.  Kelsey
9.  Recovery
10.  I Can Revive Him With My Own Hands
11.  Stare And Wonder
12.  Blossom, The Witch
13.  Bed Of Nails (Japanese Bonus Track)

EP "If Love Was Born To Die" (2004)

1.  Six And One
2.  Recovery
3.  I Can Revive Him With My Own Hands
4.  The Task
5.  Light Through Skin
6.  Outro

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