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Story Of The Year Lyrics


The Constant (2010)
The Black Swan (2008)
In The Wake Of Determination (2005)
Page Avenue (2003)
Story Of The Year EP (2002) (Performed as Big Blue Monkey)
Truth In Separation EP (1999) (Performed as Big Blue Monkey)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "The Constant" (2010)

1.  The Children Sing
2.  The Ghost Of You And I
3.  I'm Alive
4.  To The Burial
5.  The Dream Is Over
6.  Remember A Time
7.  Holding On To You
8.  Won Threw Ate
9.  Ten Years Down
10.  Time Goes On
11.  Eye For An Eye
12.  Your Unsung Friend (Bonus Track)
13.  Tonight We Fall (Bonus Track)

Album "The Black Swan" (2008)

1.  Choose Your Fate
2.  Wake Up
3.  The Antidote
4.  Tell Me
5.  Angel In The Swamp
6.  The Black Swan
7.  Message To The World
8.  Apathy Is A Deathwish
9.  We Are Not Gonna Make It
10.  Cannonball
11.  Terrified
12.  Pale Blue Dot (Interlude)
13.  Welcome To Our New War
14.  The Truth Shall Set Me Free (Bonus Track)
15.  Never Let It Go (Bonus Track)
16.  The Virus (Bonus Track)
17.  Turn Up The Radio (Bonus Track)
18.  Save One (Bonus Track)

Album "In The Wake Of Determination" (2005)

1.  We Don't Care Anymore
2.  Take Me Back
3.  Our Time Is Now
4.  Taste The Poison
5.  Stereo
6.  Five Against The World
7.  Sleep
8.  Meathead
9.  March Of The Dead
10.  Pay Your Enemy
11.  Wake Up The Voiceless
12.  "Is This My Fate?", He Asked Them
13.  A Silent Murder (Hidden Track)

Album "Page Avenue" (2003)

1.  And The Hero Will Drown
2.  Until The Day I Die
3.  Anthem Of Our Dying Day
4.  In The Shadows
5.  Dive Right In
6.  Swallow The Knife
7.  Burning Years
8.  Page Avenue
9.  Sidewalks
10.  Divide And Conquer
11.  Razorblades
12.  Falling Down
13.  [Hidden Track]

EP "Story Of The Year" (2002)

(Performed as Big Blue Monkey)

1.  Story Of The Year
2.  Light Years Away
3.  Razorblades And Cupcakes
4.  So Far So Good
5.  In Her Bedroom

EP "Truth In Separation" (1999)

(Performed as Big Blue Monkey)

1.  Headcase9999
2.  September
3.  Forlife
4.  With One Voice

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Just Close Your Eyes
*   Nothing To Prove
*   The Heart Of Polka Is Still Beating
*   The Unheard Voice

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