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Stray From The Path Lyrics

2. How Bout Them Yankees

Never again, never again.
I remember when I felt safe with you.
My eyes were blind by your lies
and that great spell you cast on me.
That makes me question my very existence 
and created these demons inside of me.
These thoughts keep running through my head.
Should I end this life tonight
Should I give up without a fight.
I saw the light when I tried to find
the good in you and nothing was shining through
Now it's time to feed these demons
which I've come accustomed too.
I will see the sun rise again.
I will live to see tomorrow.
Mother's tears soaked government condolences,
that arrived in the mail this morning.
Some get richer, but that won't help the parents.
Their child is now confined to a tiny picture frame.
My eyes are open to these false words and emotions.
Truth will be our savior

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