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Stray From The Path Lyrics

10. Nigeria

How could we be so damn gullible?
It shows just how greedy we all can be.
To be persuaded by such an obvious scheme,
the thought of fortunes blind us from our common sense

And in return
And in return we get bankruptcy and distress 
and abundance of black money that's impossible to be cleaned.

[Jonathon Vigil of The Ghost Inside:]
Since 1996 they have ripped off savings from our families,
destroying lives and industries.
But you just laugh and dance at our ignorance.
But it's reasons like these that make the world a disgrace.

No players in your game anymore.
No winners or losers, we are both pathetic.
We are both pathetic.
You go chop their dollar,
You go chop their dollar,
but all the money you take will still make you worth nothing.

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