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Tear Out The Heart Lyrics


Violence (2013)
Hell Is Empty EP (2012)
Tear Out the Heart EP (2011)

Album "Violence" (2013)

1.  Dead By Dawn
2.  Infamous Last Words
3.  Crucified
4.  Undead Anthem
5.  Violence
6.  Feed Me A Stray Cat
7.  Coffin Eyes
8.  Eternal Shadows
9.  Closure
10.  Only Posers Die
11.  Darker Tides

EP "Hell Is Empty" (2012)

*   Game Changer (Houdini's Coffin)

EP "Tear Out the Heart" (2011)

1.  Put Me Out Of My Missouri
2.  Come At Me, Bro
3.  The Dangers Of Being Stoked
4.  Mess With The Best, Die Like The Rest
5.  Retribution
6.  Like A G6

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