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Thebandwithnoname Lyrics


Dying To Be There (2007)
The Blitz (2002)

Album "Dying To Be There" (2007)

1.  Do Or Die
2.  Misfit
3.  Staring It In The Face
4.  Reach For The Mic
5.  Calm
6.  Shake It Down
7.  Justified
8.  Easy
9.  I Need A Witness
10.  Pull Up The Vinyl
11.  Dying To Be There/Great Is Your Name

Album "The Blitz" (2002)

1.  The Blitz
2.  Faster
3.  Amazing Grace
5.  Radio Fresh (Interlude)
6.  Take Up The Tempo
7.  Ramp (Interlude)
8.  Will You Ever
9.  Get Up
10.  Guilty (Interlude)
11.  Without You Within Me
12.  Now
13.  Hal-Le-Lu-Jah

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