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The-Dream Lyrics


Love Vs. Money (2009)
Love Me All Summer, Hate Me All Winter (2007)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Love Vs. Money" (2009)

1.  Money Intro
2.  Rockin' That Thang
3.  Walking On The Moon
4.  My Love
5.  Put It Down
6.  Sweat It Out
7.  Take U Home 2 My Mama
8.  Love Vs. Money
9.  Love Vs. Money, Pt. 2
10.  Fancy
11.  Right Side Of My Brain
12.  Mr. Yeah
13.  Kelly's 12 Play
14.  Let Me See The Booty
15.  Hater (iTunes Bonus Track)
16.  Rockin' That Shit (Remix) (iTunes Bonus Track)

Album "Love Me All Summer, Hate Me All Winter" (2007)

1.  Shawty Is Da Shit
2.  I Luv Your Girl
3.  Fast Car
4.  Nikki
5.  She Needs My Love
6.  Falsetto
7.  Playin' In Her Hair
8.  Purple Kisses
9.  Ditch That...
10.  Luv Songs
11.  Livin' A Lie
12.  Mama

Miscellaneous songs:

*   I Luv Your Girl (Remix)
*   Shawty Is A 10
*   Shawty You A 10! (Remix)

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