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This Romantic Tragedy Lyrics


Reborn (2011)
Trust In Fear EP (2009)
Like Drama Like Karma EP (2008)
Atherlie EP (2007)

Album "Reborn" (2011)

1.  The End (Instrumental)
2.  You're Just A Trend
3.  Among The Brave
4.  Imagine
5.  Such Simple Words
6.  The Warning
7.  Cut Short
8.  Red Rodl Rowwen
9.  The Lies We Live
10.  Reborn
11.  The Great Beast (The Beginning)

EP "Trust In Fear" (2009)

1.  The Worst Part Is Waking Up
2.  Trust In Fear
3.  I'll Shut You Down
4.  Gray's A Shade Of Black
5.  Sounds Delicious (Alternate Version)

EP "Like Drama Like Karma" (2008)

1.  Prelude
2.  Sounds Delicious
3.  Oh! There's A Disco In San Francisco
4.  She Said No, But It Sounded Like Go
5.  Sound The Horns, The Spartans Are Coming
6.  Perfection Lies Among The Unperfect

EP "Atherlie" (2007)

1.  Abstract And Forgotten
2.  Seven Days Makes One Weak
3.  Between The Lines
4.  Time Flies Without Wings

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