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A Thorn For Every Heart Lyrics


Pick Up The Pieces EP (2008)
It's Hard To Move You (2007)
Things Aren't So Beautiful Now (2004)
Silence Is Golden EP (2003)
Miscellaneous songs

EP "Pick Up The Pieces" (2008)

1.  Pick Up The Pieces
2.  Bitter Party Of One
3.  Better Than Me, Better Than Love
4.  Born To Bleed
5.  Light This Fire

Album "It's Hard To Move You" (2007)

1.  It's Hard To Move You
2.  Worthless
3.  You're The One
4.  Object Of No Desire
5.  No More You
6.  Voices
7.  Sounds And Silence
8.  June 11th, 1980
9.  The Game
10.  Time Lapse Photography

Album "Things Aren't So Beautiful Now" (2004)

1.  99 With An Anchor
2.  February
3.  A Night To Remember, A Morning To Forget
4.  Next Of Kin
5.  The Prediction
6.  Streetcar
7.  Summer So Bleak
8.  Pretty When You Cry
9.  Things Aren't So Beautiful Now (Part 1)
10.  Things Aren't So Beautiful Now (Part 2)

EP "Silence Is Golden" (2003)

1.  Intro
2.  Next Of Kin
3.  Pretty When You Cry
4.  Rain On Her Parade
5.  A Night To Remember, A Morning To Forget
6.  Summer So Bleak
7.  A Street Car Named Desire

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Dead Man's Party (from "Punk Goes 80's" Compilation)

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