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Trivium Lyrics


Shogun (2008)
The Crusade (2006)
Ascendancy (2005)
Ember To Inferno (2003)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Shogun" (2008)

1.  Kirisute Gomen
2.  Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis
3.  Down From The Sky
4.  Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
5.  Throes Of Perdition
6.  Insurrection
7.  The Calamity
8.  He Who Spawned the Furies
9.  Of Prometheus And The Crucifix
10.  Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven
11.  Shogun
12.  Poison, The Knife Or The Noose (Special Edition Bonus Track)
13.  Upon The Shores (Special Edition Bonus Track)
14.  Iron Maiden (Special Edition Bonus Track)

Album "The Crusade" (2006)

1.  Ignition
2.  Detonation
3.  Entrance Of The Conflagration
4.  Anthem (We Are The Fire)
5.  Unrepentant
6.  And Sadness Will Sear
7.  Becoming The Dragon
8.  To The Rats
9.  This World Can't Tear Us Apart
10.  Tread The Floods
11.  Contempt Breeds Contamination
12.  The Rising
13.  The Crusade (Instrumental)
14.  Broken One (iTunes Pre-Order Bonus Track)
15.  Vengeance (iTunes Pre-Order Bonus Track)
16.  The End (Japanese Bonus Track)

Album "Ascendancy" (2005)

1.  The End Of Everything (Instrumental)
2.  Rain
3.  Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
4.  Drowned And Torn Asunder
5.  Ascendancy
6.  A Gunshsot To The Head Of Trepidation
7.  Like Light To The Flies
8.  Dying In Your Arms
9.  The Deceived
10.  Suffocating Sight
11.  Departure
12.  Declaration
13.  Washing Away Me In The Tides (Bonus Track)

Album "Ember To Inferno" (2003)

1.  Inception, The Bleeding Skies (Instrumental)
2.  Pillars Of Serpents
3.  If I Could Collapse The Masses
4.  Fugue (A Revelation)
5.  Requiem
6.  Ember To Inferno
7.  Ashes (Instrumental)
8.  To Burn The Eye
9.  Falling To Grey
10.  My Hatred
11.  When All Light Dies
12.  A View Of Burning Empires (Instrumental)
13.  Blinding Tears Will Break The Skies (Re-Release Bonus Track)
14.  The Decieved (Re-Release Bonus Track)
15.  Demon (Re-Release Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Sworn
*   The Storm

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