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Tyler Read Lyrics


Only Rock And Roll Can Save Us (2007)
The Light, The Glass, The Transparency EP (2004)

Album "Only Rock And Roll Can Save Us" (2007)

1.  The Killer
2.  Intentions
3.  Michael Jackson
4.  Only Rock & Roll Can Save Us Now
5.  All You Need Is Love, But
6.  A Litmus Test
7.  Baby's Got A Temper
8.  Fire Away
9.  Private School Girls
10.  Get Ready
11.  Heaven

EP "The Light, The Glass, The Transparency" (2004)

1.  Happy New Year
2.  The Light And The Glass
3.  The Ending Is All That Matters
4.  Blink
5.  Heaven Is Holding On
6.  Memoirs
7.  Loose Lips Sink Ships

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