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Vanessa Hudgens Lyrics


Identified (2008)
V (2006)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Identified" (2008)

1.  Last Night
2.  Identified
3.  First Bad Habit
4.  Hook It Up
5.  Don't Ask Why
6.  Sneakernight
7.  Amazed
8.  Don't Leave
9.  Paper Cut
10.  Party On The Moon
11.  Did It Ever Cross Your Mind
12.  Gone With The Wind
13.  Set It Off (Japanese Bonus Track)
14.  Vulnerable (Japanese Bonus Track)
15.  Commited (Japanese Bonus Track)

Album "V" (2006)

1.  Come Back To Me
2.  Let Go
3.  Say OK
4.  Never Underestimate A Girl
5.  Let's Dance
6.  Drive
7.  Afraid
8.  Promise
9.  Whatever Will Be
10.  Rather Be With You
11.  Psychic
12.  Lose Your Love
13.  Don't Talk (Bonus Track)
14.  Make You Mine (Bonus Track)
15.  Drip Drop (Bonus Track)
16.  Too Emotional (Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Can I Have This Dance ("High School Musical 3" Soundtrack)
*   Colors Of The Wind (from "Disneymania 5")
*   Walk Away ("High School Musical 3" Soundtrack)
*   When There Was Me And You ("High School Musical" Soundtrack)

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