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The Veronicas Lyrics


Hook Me Up (2007)
The Secret Life Of (2005)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Hook Me Up" (2007)

1.  Untouched
2.  Hook Me Up
3.  This Is How It Feels
4.  This Love
5.  I Can't Stay Away
6.  Take Me On The Floor
7.  I Don't Wanna Wait
8.  Popular
9.  Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)
10.  Someone Wake Me Up
11.  All I Have
12.  In Another Life

Album "The Secret Life Of" (2005)

1.  4ever
2.  Everything I'm Not
3.  When It All Falls Apart
4.  Revolution
5.  Secret
6.  Mouth Shut
7.  Leave Me Alone
8.  Speechless
9.  Heavily Broken
10.  I Could Get Used To This
11.  Nobody Wins
12.  Mother Mother
13.  A Teardrop Hitting The Ground (Europe And Brazil Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Cry
*   Did Ya Think (from "4ever" Single)
*   Everything (from "Hook Me Up" Single)
*   Faded
*   Hollywood (from "Untouched" Single)
*   How Long (from "4ever" Single)
*   Insomnia (from "Hook Me Up" Single)
*   Stay
*   We Are One
*   Worlds Apart

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