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We Shot The Moon Lyrics


A Silver Lining (2009)
Fear And Love (2008)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "A Silver Lining" (2009)

1.  Miracle
2.  Woke Her Up
3.  Should Have Been
4.  The Bright Side
5.  Come Back
6.  Red Night
7.  In Good Time
8.  A Silver Lining
9.  Amarillo
10.  Amy
11.  Candles

Album "Fear And Love" (2008)

1.  Water's Edge
2.  Sway Your Head
3.  LTFP
4.  Faces
5.  Perfect Time
6.  Tunnel Vision
7.  Julie
8.  On Your Way
9.  Hope
10.  Upon Waking She Found Herself A Cougar
11.  In The Blue
12.  Please Shine

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Glass Windows
*   Welcome Home (from "The Polar Bear and Cougar" EP)

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