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Westlife Lyrics

10. To Be Loved

The song of a little bird 
The joy in three little words 
I know it's real 
That's how it feels 
To be loved by you 
The stars from a midnight sky 
The melody from a lullaby 
There's nothing real 
That I wouldn't steal 
To be loved by you 

To be loved by you 
If everybody knows 
It's only 'cause it shows 

A smile to put you on a high 
A kiss that sets your soul alight 
Would it be all right if I spent tonight 
Being loved by you 


Your love is released 
And you move me with ease 
And you rescue me time after time 
Oh Oh you give your all 
And you take it all in your stride 

Oh with all the power of a symphony 
That's how my heart beats when you're holding me 
I can't conceal, this is how it feels 
To be loved by you 
Oh yeah, to be loved by you 
If everybody knows, it's only 'cause it shows 
Because I take your love, Everywhere I go 

I know what it is I need, it's clear as a shallow stream 
It's as it seems, my only dreams 
To be loved by you

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