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We The Kings Lyrics


Somewhere Somehow (2013)
Sunshine State Of Mind (2011)
Smile Kid (2009)
Secret Valentine EP (2008)
We The Kings (2007)
Between The Ink And Paper EP (2006)
Friendship Is A Touchy Subject (2005)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Somewhere Somehow" (2013)

1.  Queen Of Hearts
2.  Find You There
3.  I Feel Alive
4.  I Like It
5.  That Feeling
6.  See You In My Dreams
7.  Die Young Live Forever
8.  Phoenix Hearts
9.  Any Other Way
10.  Say It Now
11.  Art Of War
12.  Sad Song
13.  Just Keep Breathing

Album "Sunshine State Of Mind" (2011)

1.  Friday Is Forever
2.  Say You Like Me
3.  Every Single Dollar
4.  The View From Here
5.  The Secret To New York
6.  Sleep With Me
7.  Over You
8.  Kiss Me Last
9.  Somebody To Call My Own
10.  You And Only You
11.  Summer (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

Album "Smile Kid" (2009)

1.  She Takes Me High
2.  Promise The Stars
3.  Heaven Can Wait
4.  The Story Of Your Life
5.  Rain Falls Down
6.  Summer Love
7.  In-N-Out (Animal Style)
8.  Spin
9.  Anna Marie (All We Need)
10.  We'll Be A Dream
11.  What You Do To Me

EP "Secret Valentine" (2008)

1.  Secret Valentine (Radio Mix)
2.  Feel Good Inc.
3.  Make It Or Not
4.  Bring Out Your Best
5.  Secret Valentine (Acoustic)
6.  There Is A Light

Album "We The Kings" (2007)

1.  Secret Valentine
2.  Skyway Avenue
3.  Check Yes Juliet
4.  Stay Young
5.  Whoa
6.  August Is Over
7.  The Quiet
8.  Don't Speak Liar
9.  Headlines Read Out...
10.  All Again For You
11.  This Is Our Town

EP "Between The Ink And Paper" (2006)

1.  You Know You've Got It
2.  I Gave Birth To The Twentieth Century
3.  Headlines Read Out...
4.  A Life, A Love, A Lie
5.  It's Beautiful After The End
6.  It Would Take Something Like This For Us To Forget

Album "Friendship Is A Touchy Subject" (2005)

1.  Armor Of Hope
2.  It's Beautiful After The End
3.  Part Of Me
4.  Interlude (Dance Remix)
5.  This Is Our Town
6.  Friendship Is A Touchy Subject
7.  A Hollywood Ending
8.  The Distance That Killed Us
9.  We Are All The Same

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Can't Shake This
*   Caught Up In You (from "Punk Goes Classic Rock" Compilation)
*   Never Your Fault
*   Party, Fun, Love & Radio

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