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Wham! Lyrics


Music From The Edge Of Heaven (1986)
Make It Big (1984)
Fantastic (1983)

Album "Music From The Edge Of Heaven" (1986)

1.  The Edge Of Heaven
2.  Battlestations
3.  I'm Your Man
4.  Wham! Rap
5.  A Different Corner
6.  Blue (Live In China)
7.  Where Did Your Heart Go?
8.  Last Christmas

Album "Make It Big" (1984)

1.  Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
2.  Everything She Wants
3.  Heartbeat
4.  Like A baby
5.  Freedom
6.  If You Were There
7.  Credit Card Baby
8.  Careless Whispers

Album "Fantastic" (1983)

1.  Bad Boys
2.  A Ray Of Sunshine
3.  Love Machine
4.  Wham! Rap (Enjoy Waht You Do)
5.  Club Tropicana
6.  Nothing Looks The Same In The Light
7.  Come On!
8.  Young Guns

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