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Zebrahead Lyrics

8. Into You

For a minute, she's stuck spinning in it
Still it's better to lose hope than dying in it 
Off track, impact, slam! 
She's lying in it 
Now she leads the way to the lost cost exhibit 
You got to break through the walls that try to hold you 
Fool you so that fear will always mold you 
Push through 
Find that the walls are beneath you 
And the end of the line is a brand new avenue 
You said nothing in this world could ever 
Make you feel better than I do (HEY HEY) 
You said no one in this world could ever 
Take away all this from you 
So hold on just a little longer 
When you don't feel that you belong 
All I want is a chance to fall into you 
What a sin it's to find fulfillment 
If it's better to crash land than flying in it 
Violins, silence, anger violence 
Says to herself "I'm going out of my mind" 
[Repeat Chorus]
Break yourself from old ties that hold you down 
You inspire me, You inspire me
I don't mind wasting time with you
[Repeat Chorus]

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